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Sonett Softener - 500 g

Sonett Softener - 500 g

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Building block 2 in the Sonett modular system • Binds the lime dissolved in the water so that the detergent can develop its full washing power • Guarantees optimal use of the amount of detergent used • 100% biodegradable • Without phosphates and petrochemicals • Available: 500 g, 1 kg, 5 kg


Areas of application: Detergent powder concentrate 40° 60° 95°C: from water hardness 8.4° dH/15° fH Liquid detergent lavender or sensitive: from water hardness 15° dH/25° fH Commercial detergent: from water hardness 14° dH/25 ° fH Dosage for a 4.5 kg washing machine: Application: Put the softener in the loading drawer of the washing machine and detergent in the dosing washing ball directly into the drum. Detergent powder concentrate from hardness range medium 8.4–14°dH / 15–25°fH 30 ml / 18 g hard >14°dH/>25°fH 60ml/36g detergent liquid lavender or sensitive from hardness range hard >14°dH/ >25°fH 50ml/36g Not suitable for wool, silk, artificial silk and microfibers.

Ingredients: zeolite > 30% soda 15-30% citrate 5-15% n, concrete etc.

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