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Sonett Bleach Complex & Stain Remover - 900g

Sonett Bleach Complex & Stain Remover - 900g

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Areas of application: For bleaching white laundry For removing stains and discolouration on white and colourfast colored laundry For lightening yellowed and gray laundry Effective from 50 °C

Application / dosage: Since we do not use any petrochemical bleach activators, the Sonett bleaching complex and stain remover is only effective in the washing machine from 50 °C. Can the bleach work longer, e.g. B. by soaking overnight, it works from 30 °C. In the 4.5 kg washing machine from 50 °C: For all washable white and colorfast textiles made of cotton, linen, hemp and blended fabrics. Not suitable for wool, silk, artificial silk and microfibers. Removes all oxidizable stains such as fruit, red wine, tea, coffee, grass, blood, etc. Prevents white laundry from turning gray. Brightens yellowed and gray laundry. Dosage: Add 60 ml/60 g to the detergent drawer for the main wash. Soaking heavily soiled children's laundry or laundry that is only washed up to 40 °C: Dosage: Dissolve 30 ml/30 g in a bucket with approx. 3 liters of warm water, put the laundry in and e.g. B. Weight down with a plate to keep the items submerged in the bleach solution. Leave on overnight. Then wash in the washing machine as usual. In the dishwasher: For removing stubborn tea and coffee stains on dishes. Dosage: add 15 ml/15 g to the dosing chamber of the dishwasher in addition to the washing-up liquid. Product declaration: Sodium percarbonate >30% Soda 15-30% List of ingredients according to EC 648/2004: Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Carbonate

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