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Sodasan stain gel - 200 ml

Sodasan stain gel - 200 ml

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SODASAN stain gel is an effective means of removing stains such as grass, blood, cocoa, fat or fruit. The product can also be used to pre-treat heavily soiled items such as shirt collars before machine washing.


easy handling by brush head

effective stain removal

with organic vegetable soap

enzyme-free, non-GMO

no coloring or preservatives

The product contains soap as an active substance, which is quickly and completely biodegradable. This soap is made using a specially developed low-temperature saponification process. Production is CO2-neutral. We only use electricity from Greenpeace energy and therefore work 100% nuclear-free.

Application: For effective stain removal from soiling such as grass, blood, cocoa, fat, fruit. Apply SODASAN stain gel to the dirt with the brush head and leave to take effect. Then rinse or machine wash. If heavily soiled, repeat the process. Not suitable for very delicate fibers. Please note the care instructions in your textiles.

Ingredients INCI: Aqua, Potassium Soap*, Alcohol denat., Glycerine*, Potassium Citrate? *from controlled organic cultivation

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