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Primavera Niauli Organic Madagascar - 5 ml

Primavera Niauli Organic Madagascar - 5 ml

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The essential niauli oil (also known as niauli oil) has a clear, herbaceous, fresh, camphor-like scent. It is very gentle on the skin and particularly well tolerated. It has made a name for itself in aromatherapy, primarily because of its skin-strengthening properties before and after radiation treatment (radiation prophylactic oil). Some successes in preventing burns and skin damage have already been recorded in connection with sea buckthorn pulp oil. Helpful for all kinds of skin problems, strengthening in mixtures for varicose veins, Niauli is also mixed in an ointment, e.g. for suppuration and boils. It helps loosen mucus in colds, and a warm compress combined with eucalyptus citriodora helps with cystitis.

Application: For room scenting, mixed and diluted for cosmetic and therapeutic use on the skin, e.g. in face and body oils, for massage oils, for therapeutic embrocation and for wraps, as a bath additive, for masks, for self-mixed cosmetic products

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