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Primavera Clove Bud Organic - 5 ml

Primavera Clove Bud Organic - 5 ml

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The organic clove bud essential oil* smells spicy-warm, slightly sweet and strong. It is a real power pack and should only be used in appropriate dilution. Its effect is stimulating and warming, strengthens mental and physical exhaustion. Clove bud oil is well known in dentistry, where it is valued for its anesthetic, pain-relieving properties. It can be used to stimulate blood circulation in the muscles in conjunction with a warming sports massage. Please use during pregnancy only after consultation with the midwife, as it can have an activating effect on the uterine muscles. There are three types of clove oil: clove bud oil, made from dried clove buds, clove leaf oil, and clove stem oil, which is waste from the clove stems on which the buds grow sit. The most valuable is the essential oil obtained only from the buds of the clove. This is reflected in the price. The cheaper oils, such as clove leaf oil, are not as valuable therapeutically.

Application: For room scenting, mixed and diluted for cosmetic and therapeutic use on the skin, e.g. in facial and body oils, for massage oils, for therapeutic embrocation and for wraps, as a bath additive, for masks, for self-mixed cosmetic products

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