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Khadi Hair Color Black - 100 g

Khadi Hair Color Black - 100 g

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Khadi herbal hair colors are a natural way to give your hair colour, a silky shine and more volume. Khadi herbal hair colors contain henna, amla and indigo in different mixtures. Extremely gentle. Completely without chemical components. Purely vegetable. Without synthetic dyes and fragrances. Without preservatives, peroxides and ammonia.

Feel the magic of jet black hair! With khadi herbal hair color black you conjure up a rich, expressive black without a blue cast in your hair. khadi black is best suited if you have medium blonde or darker hair. Then you achieve a shiny, warm black up to an intense raven black. Do you have lighter or gray hair? Then pre-pigment with the khadi Color Prep to get a perfect color result.

The natural hair color contains effective ingredients such as indigo, henna and amla. The natural dyes color your hair intensely and darkly. Like a color glaze, the plant pigments wrap themselves around every single one of your hair and care for it. You feel the resilience and volume in your hair. They glow healthily and shimmer in a natural black. khadi black is 100% natural and vegan - without synthetic additives such as ammonia, peroxide or azo dyes


Remove residue from your hair first with a silicone-free shampoo such as khadi Amla Volume Shampoo. Please pretreat light blonde, white or gray hair with khadi Color Prep - with an exposure time of 30 to 60 minutes. We also recommend pre-pigmenting your hair with the khadi Color Prep for bleached, highlighted or heavily stressed hair so that it absorbs the color evenly.

Mix the powder in 50 degree hot water. Stir with the whisk until you get a spreadable paste. If you add a teaspoon of base salt to your khadi herbal hair color black, it colors faster and the durability is improved. Apply the natural hair color evenly to your hair with a brush: strand by strand – from the lengths to the tips. Unless you only want to color your roots - then just spread them there.

Let khadi black work between 30 and 120 minutes. The longer the herbal hair color acts, the darker the color result. To refresh the natural hair color, you only need 20 minutes. Then rinse with clear water - done.

Do without 24 to 48 hours shampoo, because the final depth of color unfolds during this time. Then apply khadi hair oil to your hair and let it soak in for 20 minutes before washing your hair with natural shampoo. This is how you fix the pigments - for a long-lasting color result.

Ingredients (INCI): Indigofera Tinctoria Leaf Powder, Lawsonia inermis Leaf Powder, Emblica Officinalis Fruit Powder

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