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Argital Warming Fango Mud - 500 ml

Argital Warming Fango Mud - 500 ml

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Ready-to-use fango mud with chili and cinnamon is beneficial for rheumatism, pain when moving, bruises.

Green clay enriched with pure essential oils of cinnamon, pine, oregano, wintergreen, camphor, thyme and niaouli. After the treatment we recommend the fango cream, ready to use without mixing. Pleasantly warming. Ideal for various painful parts of the body

Natural product, without preservatives, BDIH-certified.

Application: Apply 0.5 cm of the paste to the areas to be treated, cover with gauze or kitchen paper and then cover with a woolen or cotton cloth. As soon as heat is felt on the skin, the fango can be removed. The skin can become very warm. A few minutes after application, the fango has a warming effect thanks to the active ingredients it contains, especially capsicum. The heat can be felt to a greater or lesser extent and depends on the treated part of the body and individual sensitivity. The warmth and irritation (reddening) that the skin receives disappears after a certain time after the mud is removed. The product works even if no heat is felt. Remove the mud with a spatula, spoon or absorbent paper. Finally, clean the skin with a damp, cold sponge or rinse off with cold water in the shower. This application can also be used multiple times throughout the day.

WARNING: Do not use foil. Do not use warm water on the treated area. Do not shower or bathe in warm water after using the fango, as this can increase the feeling of warmth. If irritation in the throat, coughing or sneezing occurs during application or removal, this is due to the capsicum (pepper oil) contained. These irritations go away after the mud is removed. Do not use on sensitive skin areas such as the face, chest, genital area, spider veins and varicose veins.

Ingredients: green clay, spring water, pl. Glycerine, essential oils of wintergreen, pine, camphor, thyme, niaouli, zeylon cinnamon and oregano, as well as chili, xanthan gum and extracts of benzoin and organic alcohol.

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