Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka
100% certified, effective natural cosmetics. Different since 1967.

As a pioneer of natural cosmetics, Dr. Hauschka has been making effective products for facial and body care as well as medical care since 1967.

Dr. Hauschka is 100 percent genuine natural cosmetics: All of the brand's products are certified according to the international NATRUE standard. All recipes contain only the best medicinal plants and natural substances. No synthetic substances, no microplastics and also no silicones, PEGs and mineral oils.

What is not grown in-house in our own medicinal plant garden or on our own Demeter farm comes partly from wild collections in the Swabian Jura and partly from ecological cultivation projects all over the world. Or from partners who work as fairly and sustainably as Dr. Hauschka himself.

The skin has a fascinating property: it renews itself every day on its own. Cosmetics cannot and should not relieve them of this task, but specifically support them in taking care of and regenerating themselves. the dr Hauschka concept wants to clean, strengthen, care.

All face and body care products from Dr. Hauschka have one thing in common:
They support and promote the skin's own activity. This is made possible by medicinal plant extracts as well as oils and waxes, the natural components of which are partly similar to the skin's own substances. They stimulate the skin's metabolism exactly where it needs support. If the skin is in an imbalance - dehydrated and dry, impure and oily, sensitive or aging too early - Dr. Hauschka products bring you back to a healthy complexion.
For Dr. Hauschka not a trend – but a tradition since 1967.
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Dr. Hauschka Face Care
Dr. Hauschka facial care
The triad of cleansing, strengthening and care

Your skin and you don't fit into rigid boxes. They need coherent care concepts on different days and places, at certain times of the year and in the individual phases of life. For this purpose, the triad is optimally adapted to the needs of the skin. In the morning, the skin needs a cleansing of metabolic products excreted overnight. It is then strengthened with medicinal plant extracts and protected from environmental influences by a selected day care product that is tailored to your needs. At night, however, she enjoys oil-free care that allows her to breathe freely.
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Dr. Hauschka Körperpflege
Dr. Hauschka body care
The best of nature for people

During the development of Dr. At Hauschka, we look at the whole person and their needs. It is about supporting the body in its own activity with strengthening and balancing impulses and helping it to find its balance. the dr Hauschka body care opens up a wide range of opportunities to experience the quality of mindfulness towards yourself. Each of our care products, be it an oil, a lotion, a shower or a bath, has its own character due to its consistency and scent.

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Dr. Hauschka Regenerationspflege

Dr. Hauschka regeneration care
The power of renewal

In Dr. Hauschka cosmetics contain medicinal plants, the best natural substances and the results of our scientific research.The knowledge and the power to renew are stored in your cells, every 28 days the cells of your skin are renewed. This natural rhythm is used by Dr. Hauschka studied, respected and promoted. Care impulses are created from rich oils and carefully combined medicinal plant extracts, which initiate and promote the regeneration cycle of your skin, so that your skin can remain active. It is stimulated to retain moisture and tighten. It's not about looking younger, it's about looking better.

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Dr. Hauschka Med

Dr. Hauschka Med
Understanding special needs

Whether extremely dry skin with itching, tingling lips or inflamed gums: Dr. Hauschka MED is tailored to the special needs of your skin, teeth and lip care. The competent basis for this is the more than 80 years of experience of WALA Heilmittel GmbH, where WALA medicines are also manufactured.

Many herbal ingredients have proven themselves in medical care: for example, the pressed juice of ice flowers helps to soothe even neurodermatitis skin and reactivate its natural barrier. The moisturizing factors of ice plant are also similar to those of human skin and can help it to retain moisture independently in the long term.

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Dr. Hauschka Mak-up

Dr. Hauschka Make-up
The radiance of your inner and outer beauty

The Dr. Hauschka make-up line respects and emphasizes your individuality. At the Dr. Hauschka make-up products use natural pigments. These blend optically with your skin tone, so that even powerful colors are never fake, but always appear lively. Whether for the complexion, lips or eyes, the variety of the Dr. Hauschka make-up offers all possibilities - from a subtle look to a grand entrance. All make-up products are harmoniously coordinated and form a unique range in the field of certified natural cosmetics.